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Mack Vann


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Have you noticed? They're talking about making computers out of atoms and test tubes out of babies. Or is it the other way around?

I'm saying I simply can't keep up with it all. Can you? Every time I turn around, more has changed than I really want to know. Talk about an information overload!

But I know a place, a secret place, where Spirit speaks, a place of delight and discovery, a place of enchantment, mystery, wonder, and marvel; a place of peace and goodness where joy and laughter rule. I call this place my creek bottom home.

Some things just don't change. I'm talking about matters of the heart-those things that make us who we are.

Come with me. High on a hillside, in broom sedge we'll lie; the sun on our faces; a breeze on our arms; we'll listen to the red tail hawks sing their summer lullaby.

We'll climb down honey-suckled sinkholes and climb up starlit poplar trees.  Like ghosts we'll glide through groves of oaks and beeches. Could be, we'll run and jump into the lap of God or even better, find we're there already.  We'll splash through bottoms of our childhood and walk the hillsides too.  We'll stroll through fields and pastures to see again those things we love to see. If you want to, we'll wade in pools of water and you know what, we won't even get our feet wet! 

Come with me now to my creek bottom home and I'll go with you to yours. We'll feel and see and know again all the love there is. Remember?

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