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Mack Vann


My stories are about a time, people, and place different from today.

Was a time when life seemed simpler and more free, a time when on a summer’s night a two year old could slip alone out of his parent’s house and make his one mile trek up Gurley Pike to his grandmother’s. Back then, the summer night was quiet enough his little feet could be heard slapping the sidewalk, and above it all a tiny voice carrying through the early evening’s darkness: “I not afraid, I not afraid.”

Was a time when men said no to monetary gain if such gain had even the appearance of compromise.

Was a time when people did business on their word and a handshake and there were no Chain Saw Massacre, Dungeons and Dragons, rave, idolatry, and struggle for this country’s soul.

Its people were a people of faith. Their churches were small and full. The congregations worshipped in spirit and truth and they lived the way they worshipped.

Was a time when in the fall a farmer understood if a man needed to slip off some morning and kill a few squirrels, and if such happened on a Sunday morning, when the gun went off, we all cringed. Perhaps, the hunter, too, asked forgiveness, got it, and kept on hunting.

Back then, were a man to get really sick, he could die; not like these times now when they keep you breathing way past your prime. Aw, it’s alright, I reckon. I’m just saying there used to be a time when a man and a woman, too, knew what was enough, and what was more than enough.

The people loved, gave thanks, worked through the life they had. The memory of such makes my heart swell, brings tears to my eyes.

My stories speak of yesterday and a place where love abounds. My world was dusty, dirty, sweaty, fuel oil and grease stained, weathered by sun, wind, and rain, tempered by heat and cold, and

God as my witness, I loved it. 

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