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Mack Vann

About the Author

With degrees in English, Education, and a Master of Science in Financial Services, with training in voice, piano, and tap, with work experience varied as bee keeping, truck cropping, and managing greenhouses, to teaching classroom English, apprenticeship in flunkyhood on his father’s cotton farm, and serving in the Army as a clerk typist and combat engineer, maybe it makes perfect sense that Mack Vann is a Life Member of the Million Dollar Round Table, having represented New York Life today for more than 40 years.

Was eighteen years ago in 1994 when Mack began writing and telling stories. Increasingly, Mack is known regionally as an engaging storyteller who writes and tells his own material. Mack’s stories are a duke’s mixture of excitement and suspense, humor, love, and pathos, enough that from the beginning the audience is engaged, entertained throughout, and at the end, touched lovingly.

How does Mack do it? Mack doesn’t. Mack does the easy part, Mack tells the story. Spirit does the rest.

You can judge for yourself by ordering Mack’s stories on CD and his award winning book, Creek Bottom Home. You have a money back guarantee.


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Mack Vann